New Job

So … this happened:

Bloomberg View today announced that Justin Fox will join the opinion and analysis site on January 5 as a columnist covering corporate strategy and trends, innovation and the broad business landscape.

The rest of the announcement is here. It was supposed to come out Tuesday morning, but it came out Monday afternoon instead after Ben White of Politico Tweeted this:

Ben had gotten the news from Bloomberg View’s PR people in hopes that he’d put it in his widely read Morning Money daily e-mail the next day (which he did). But he didn’t realize he was supposed to hold off, possibly because he’d known for weeks that I was considering the job. I’d gone for a long stroll in Central Park one afternoon to think things through, run into Ben and his son playing in the dirt, and, because I’m really bad at keeping secrets, immediately blurted out why I was on walkabout.

Anyway, the early disclosure was fine, because on Tuesday Bloomberg announced that John Micklethwait of The Economist was replacing Matt Winkler as its Editor-in-Chief, and my news was entirely forgotten. Good thing, because I’m still at HBR and I’ve got a bunch of work to do.

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