Back in New York

After three years in Massachusetts, my family and I moved back to New York in September. The photo below, which currently serves as the backdrop for this blog, was taken one evening this fall from the friend’s vacant apartment we were staying in (with bean bags, AeroBeds, and a couple of Ikea tables as furniture) on West 72nd Street. The rainbow’s cool, but I especially like the plane flying right over it.rainbow2
We’ve since moved into our own apartment in Morningside Heights. The view isn’t as grand. In fact, last Saturday, it looked like this (my son took the picture):Citibank fire

That’s because the Citibank on the corner was on fire — for 30 hours. I’m thinking that’s unlikely to happen every weekend, though.

I’m still with the Harvard Business Review, doing a lot more writing and a lot less going to meetings (because the meetings are all up in Massachusetts). I’m kinda sorta starting to work on another book. And yeah, I’m glad to be back.