A review of Myth of the Rational Market in The Hindu (and other matters)

The Indian edition of The Myth of the Rational Market is now out (it's the UK edition, printed on different paper), and last week it was reviewed in The Hindu, one of the country's big English-language newspapers. The review, by D. Murali, is mostly just a summary of the book, but the writer does conclude that it is a "Recommended addition to the professional investors’ shelf."

In other news, Bloomberg's James Pressley included Myth in his list of the top 50 business books published since Jan. 1, 2009, and the Economist.com included it on its roundup of "the best books on the financial crisis and its aftermath."

Also, P.J. Anders Linder of Stockholm's Svenska Dagbladet, whom I remember taking to dinner almost 20 years ago at a sidewalk table at O.T.'s in the lovely (albeit unlaked) Lakeview neighborhood in Birmingham, said something or other in Swedish about the book in his "blogg," and somebody named Elliot wrote a very kind and thoughtful review in his blogg. Or maybe it's just a blog.

Oh, and The New Haven Register covered a speech I gave in New Haven back in April.

Also, the U.S. paperback edition will finally be coming out toward the end of the year. But don't tell anybody. We're trying to keep those hardcover sales going for a while.

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