From ‘yawn-inducing’ to one of the year’s best

Back when USA Today ran a review of Myth of the Rational Market last summer, it was "yawn-inducing." Now, though, the paper's Money Bookshelf editor, Gary Rawlins (not the author of the original review), has listed it as one of the "Year's best business books to make sense of financial crisis." Not sure if that's the same as calling it one of the year's best business books, but I'll take it.

Meanwhile, at Bloomberg, James Pressley puts Myth on his list of ten Top Crisis Books. And Washington Examiner books editor Marcela Valdes put it at No. 2 on her list of the year's 10 best books. Let me just state here that there is no way Myth was the really one of the two best books published in the United States last year (I'm also pretty sure there's no way that Frank Bruni's Born Round, Valdes's first choice, was the best). But again, I'll take it.

Oh, and one other thing: I've got this new job.

Update: Made some more best-of lists. New York Times columnist Floyd Norris included Myth in his list of "six books I recommend with enthusiasm." In the East Hampton Star, Kurt Wenzel called it one of the top 10 books of the year. Bookseller 800ceoread put it on its extended list of the best business books of the year. And finally, Time put Myth on its list of the five best business books of the year, which seems kind of suspect. I didn't know about it beforehand, if that's any consolation. I guess it was a going-away present.

Update 2: Also on the Library Journal list of the best business books of 2009 and The Epicurean Dealmaker's list of books he's planning to read one of these days.