Amazon fixation

It is often said that authors check their Amazon rankings "every five seconds." But after a couple of days you learn that you only have to check once an hour, at about ten of. Right now Myth is at #32. But an hour ago this was the status:

No 30 No. 30 is as high as the book has gotten. It may be as high as it ever gets. It's certainly higher than I ever expected it to be. The reason it's #2 in Accounting & Finance and not #1 is that Peter Schiff, author of Crash Proof, was on the Daily Show last night. I wrote a column that probably played a role in getting Schiff that booking, so this is largely my fault. My real fixation, though, is with Martha Stewart's Cupcakes. I briefly overtook it last night, but can't seem to catch it now. What must I do???


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