A ‘Myth of the Rational Market’ review in Barron’s

Myth of the Rational Market is the subject of the lead book review in this week's Barron's. Glenn C. Altschuler, a professor of American Studies at Cornell, describes the book in some depth and calls it a "lucid, lively and learned account." Unfortunately, unless you're a Barron's subscriber, you can only read the first little bit online.

I found out about the review because Barry Ritholtz, who apparently reads his Barron's online early Saturday morning, e-mailed me about it. When I read the e-mail I was eating breakfast at the Square Diner on TriBeCa. I rushed off to find a paper Barron's, and quickly discovered that this was not a trivial assignment in TriBeCa. After 10-15 minutes of running around, I finally found a newsstand next to the Chambers Street subway station, where I blew $15 on three copies.

3 thoughts on “A ‘Myth of the Rational Market’ review in Barron’s

  1. you neglected to mention in your telling of the tale of the Search For A Barron’s, that you got up and took off from the breakfast table with nary a word to your wondering wife and son!

  2. Picked up your book at Borders and about half way through the book now. I must say, worth every penny. Very insightful, great references and highly recommended to anyone interested in finance, wall street, the economy or stocks like I am.

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