SmartMoney says ‘Myth of the Rational Market’ is ‘rewarding and readable’

Another mini-review, this time by Robert J. Hughes as one of SmartMoney's Staff Summer Reading Picks. An excerpt:

What makes Fox's book so rewarding and so readable is his way with the
telling anecdote: Example: a blistering takedown of the industry that Lawrence Summers gave way back in 1984, concerning "ketchup economists." Fox demonstrates clearly not only the illusory nature of monetary success, but also the illusion of superiority that wealth brings.

My book demonstrated the illusory nature of monetary success? Hmmm, certainly wasn't my intention. But I'll take it.

Update: On another summer reading list, St. Louis Post-Dispatch book editor Jane Henderson includes Myth as one of her 15 nonfiction picks because it "makes business history thrilling." Wonder where she got that idea?

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