Publishers Weekly gives ‘Myth of the Rational Market’ a rave review

Okay, this is the kind of thing I was looking for (or at least hoping for). In the May 18 Publishers Weekly (nine items down), a starred review that begins:

At the core of the current financial crisis has been the widely held assumption that markets behave rationally. Fox, Time
magazine editor-at-large, isn’t the first to bring scrutiny—or
censure—to the conceit, but his analysis is singularly compelling, and
the rare business history that reads like a thriller. …

And ends:

A must-read for anyone interested in the markets, our economy or
government, this dense but spellbinding work brings modern finance and
economics to life.

I felt kinda lightheaded after reading this. It was sort of my dream of how reviewers might see the book. But I wasn't entirely confident that the book merited such an endorsement—I'm way too close to it, and way too aware of the sections that fell short of what I hoped to accomplish with them.

The review also says the book is being published in July by Collins, when in fact it's being published in June by HarperBusiness (the Collins label has been shut down). Not that I'm complaining.

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