Sea robin advice from an expert

This blog is now one of the world’s foremost online sources of culinary information about sea robins. Seriously, type “cooking sea robin” into the Google and my previous post on the topic shows up–today at least–in fourth place. As such, it’s been getting some traffic from sea robin aficionados, one of whom sent me this informative e-mail:

First thing, you got ripped. 5 dollars? Then again after spending 50 bucks on a party boat to catch a few fluke means the few sea robins I took in actually cost more than that … but anyway, you have to fillet them and deep fry the fillets. They are quite good, but you will still have a few smallish bones that come out easily after cooking. Only a big one will get you decent fillets, it takes a skilled hand to fillet a smaller one. … People still look at me funny when I take a few sea robins home for dinner. They are aesthetically ugly fish (though divers seem to think they are beautiful) but no uglier, my wife contends, than any flatfish … perhaps that’s why no market ever developed for them.