The return of the Curious Capitalist

I started actually working at Time Monday. And blogging. So far on Milton Friedman (my favorite subject, apparently), newspaper economics, and hedge funds. At Fortune I posted once a week or so because the magazine only comes out once every two and I didn’t have articles in every issue. Now I’m supposed to write a magazine column once a week, so I’m trying to figure out an appropriate frequency. I think it’s more.

The book is … about to be turned in. I meant to today, but I’m still doing some cleanup.

3 thoughts on “The return of the Curious Capitalist

  1. “Meant to today”, huh.
    “Today” is now a day later.
    Same story.
    Spouses of would-be book writers beware: permit not a book to be written unless prepared for pain you are.
    I was trying to sound pontifical, but I think I just sound like a crummy Yoda. It’s what happens to a girl when her husband refuses to turn in a book.

  2. Justin,
    Just stumbled across your blog and found it marvelously entertaining. Well done! It is nice to know there are smart, curious voices out there that don’t need to communicate in expletives. Good luck with your new gig at Time.

  3. Don’t forget that you are not the only author in the family. Remember, you were going to give a plug for my book, “Growing with America – The Fox Family of Philadelphia.”
    Seriously, though, we’re looking forward to your book and your Time column.

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