Blogging Mr. Kirkpatrick

KirkpatrickMy Fortune colleague David Kirkpatrick is currently sitting in his office a couple doors down from mine e-mailing bloggers, trying to get them to link to his great article about Ray Ozzie’s attempt to transform Microsoft. As a blogger, albeit one with a daily readership of about five, I feel duty bound to do so. In fact, why not link twice? Or thrice?

A better illustration of the shift in media power over the past decade is hard to imagine. A star writer for the country’s best business magazine, not to mention an employee of the world’s biggest media company, is begging a bunch of self-published bloggers for publicity. Not that I think this is a bad thing. Thanks to the bloggers, David’s article will reach readers who wouldn’t have known about it otherwise. If he made any boneheaded errors, the bloggers will let him know. If his article was especially insightful (I say yes, but I’m no expert), he’ll get online plaudits for that.

Of course, no blogger has the time or resources to produce an article like David just did. Which makes this all a nicely symbiotic relationship, for now. My only concern is whether the economics of the media business will continue to allow time and money to be set aside for people like David and me to write long articles that the bloggers can pick apart.

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