In outer space at LAX

acb07-exteriorHere are some exceptionally low-resolution photos (note to self: get new camera phone) of Encounter, that groovy looking spaceship restaurant in the middle of LAX.

As I imagine is the case for most people who pass through the airport, I’ve been wanting to try it for years, and finally did last night at the urging of my ever-brilliant college classmate Bennet Ratcliff (I’d link but the man’s new Website isn’t ready yet).

271f4-signSo what’s the verdict? Definitely go there for drinks. Mixed drinks. It’s just so cool sitting up there at the bar with a martini, feeling like you’re floating in the sky.

But unless you’re stranded at the airport and need sustenance, you might want to leave it at that: The wine Bennet and I had with dinner (a Terrazas Malbec) was unimpressive and the food was, while certainly good for an airport, not great.

f4a6a-interiorThen, again, I was a tough critic last night, having stuffed myself only hours before with a spectacular lunch (veal kidneys!) at Angelini Osteria near the tar pits in LA. And again, I can’t think of ever having eaten better at an airport.

But that’s not saying much of anything. I wonder where one can find great airport food? This is the kind of thing Tyler Brule would know …

One thought on “In outer space at LAX

  1. Note to Encounter: have a place in the airport to check any bags so as to decrease the schlepp.

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