The UK edition is out!

The official publication date was Monday, but as it was out of stock at
for the first couple days of the week, it seemed pointless to post
about it. Right now it says there are only four copies left in
stock, so it may be pointless again soon enough. This is not because the book's a big best-seller (it's currently at 8,865 in the ranking).

But I am not going to whine about it. After having lost my first UK publisher because I took so long to finish, I am thrilled that the nice people at Harriman House have seen fit to print the thing. And eventually I'm sure anybody who wants a copy will get one.


Update: Harriman House is not even remotely to blame for the stocking problems. just runs an insanely lean operation. As best I can tell, they don't like to go into double digits. Right now (Feb. 5) they are again trumpeting that there's "only 1 left in stock." Seriously,, I think I can guarantee sales at least in the dozens. Just order a few more!