Swiss chard pizza


This little slice, part of the amuse bouche, was actually the least flavorful element of a spectacular meal consumed at Telepan last night. But it was made with Swiss chard, and therefore deserving of mention.

The highlight of the evening? Maybe when the sommelier described the wine he was pouring with Allison’s foie gras (yes, we’re evil) as “the veal stock” of whatever varietal it happened to be.

But back to the chard. I think the message here is that things go best when the chard stands alone. Well, not alone. Sauteed onions help.

No chard or services were received in exchange for this post.

One thought on “Swiss chard pizza

  1. Well, I certainly enjoyed the veal stock comment, but I also tremendously enjoyed the bread guy’s extreme attention to which roll I ought to eat, and discussion with Chard Man about the reason for the gathering of the 4 couples at the next table. They were clearly there for some business purpose, but whose or what was not clear. We ended up bonding with them over Thomas the Tank Engine (“What line comes after: ‘He’s a really useful engine, you know’?” And, shamefully, I don’t remember the answer.) But we forgot to ask before we left why the heck they were having dinner together.
    Ok, back to decorating the tree.

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